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OrderSenta is a centralized dashboard that allows online merchants to process and fulfil orders from multiple sales channels, simultaneously.

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The Complete Toolkit to Manage Your Orders

Every buyer wants to have the items they purchased fulfilled and delivered in time. OrderSenta makes this a reality for both customers and sellers.

You do not need to set up fulfillment processes and install order fulfillment apps on all the stores you sell on. Set it up on just one, and we will get all your orders from all stores there for you to process. Running an online business, especially on many stores can be a real challenge. You need OrderSenta to make it a bliss.

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All your orders at a glance

Get to see the orders from all the stores you sell on, on your OrderSenta orders page, and manage them with ease.

No need to switch from one store to another. From a centralized dashboard, fulfill your orders, and keep your customers happily coming back to you.

Control Your Business

Enjoy the benefits of a centralized and automated order fulfillment process by using OrderSenta.

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Centralized Fulfillment

Process and fulfill all orders from all the channels you sell on, from a central dashboard.

Save Time

With no burden of managing different fulfillment processes on different platforms, you are able to fulfill orders in record time!

Powerful Synchronization

Monitor your orders from all connected stores and fulfill them in record time. Purchase and print your shipping templates directly from your dashboard.

Increased Revenue

With happier customers and streamlined operations, keep your sales soaring.

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