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Centralized Order Fulfillment

Monitor your orders from all connected stores and fulfill them in record time at one place. No need to set up different order processing and fulfilment processes on different stores. Have a peace of mind, and fulfill all orders from different stores at one place.

Auto-Import Orders

Have your orders automatically imported from the different stores you sell on, into OrderSenta and your fulfilment platform. In an instant, your orders are made available for processing.

Powerful synchronization

In real time, the system automatically sends updates to orders such as generated tracking numbers to the channels the items were purchased on, and thereby to the buyers.

Analytics and Insights

Get a quick insight into how your products are performing on all the channels you sell on, and which channels are contributing most to your total sales.

Make informed business decisions to keep your business growing based on the easy to understand data we present to you.

Your specific needs in mind.

OrderSenta is built with the everyday merchant at heart. We provide you functionalities and automations to make your life as a merchant a bliss.

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